UVO3, Inc. has developed a unique patented technology that now allows for the safe application of Ozone, a highly effective and proven disinfectant and combined it with the proven benefits of UV Germicidal Irradiation and UltraHEPA Air Microfiltration to help in the fight to reduce and control the rate of Healthcare Associated Infections.

Infection Control Professionals, Healthcare Workers and Financial Managers now have available a NEW COST EFFECTIVE ALTERNATIVE for complete room decontamination. The Infection Fighter® outperforms conventional methods for disinfecting hard surfaces, soft furnishings and airborne pathogens.


THREE REASONS why the Infection Fighter® SHOULD be your first line of defense to help reduce and control Healthcare Associated Infections:

1 The patented Ozone Management System uses groundbreaking catalytic technology to safely manufacture, control and mitigate environmental ozone.

2 The patented Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation System incorporates the use of UV Light and a specialized Irradiation Exposure Chamber that can achieve a 100% pathogen kill rate during the programmed air filtration process.

3 The patented UltraHEPA Air Microfiltration System incorporates a re-circulating, continuous laminar airflow filtration process through proprietary micro-filters that can capture and trap 99% of infectious airbone pathogens up to .3 micron in size.